3 Boys

We try to spend time and energy on a few special families who, by no fault of their own, have been placed in a fragile position and need urgent and daily assistance to overcome obstacles that Life has given them.

Monthly pledges are an excellent opportunity to directly affect the quality of life of these families.

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The 3 Boys Read Family Focus for more info
This has been their nickname for nearly 3 decades
The men are ages 33, 37, 39 and all have a sever genetic birth defect,
a form of encephalitis
They live with their mom, Ibu, who is now 59.

She looks after their daily needs and earns an income by collecting empty plsdtic bottles whch she sells to the recycling group for 5,000 Rupiah per 1kg.
She injured her leg hit by a motorcycle a few months back and venturing out is made more difficult in search for trash to sustain her 3 Boys. While she is out, the boys are protected from self-harm in the neighborhood by ensuring they are locked safely in their home yard, which was built and cleaned up by another local community group.

Her daily Struggles are, constant care for the boys, balanced with attempting to source-out her income of recylced plastic bottles and selling dried Frangipani flowers from her Temple tree.

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Donate $10
Donate $25
Donate $50

If you would prefer to contribute using her SWIFT code to make an International Bank Transfer, (as has been our normal method of donations), Dr. Gipsy’s private information is posted below.

BNI : 0253401414