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I spent another day with The Bridge Indonesia – we visited two evacuee camps and Dr. Gipsy Ayu and her team performed 60(!) free medical check-ups and exams. here's a quick video about The Bridge Indonesia – who they are and what they do.

please consider a donation on their FB page… you'd be surprised how far a few dollars can go here!

Posted by Ian Ellis on Monday, 29 January 2018

there are thousands of people in Bali currently living in evacuee camps. little girls sleeping on concrete. they've been there for over four months and are running out of food. bathing in the river. many don't have mattresses or blankets. or clean drinking water.

visiting these camps was eye-opening to me. i think a lot of people in the US right now would change their minds re: immigration and refugees if they had to live in conditions like this for a week… it'd be quite the wake-up call.

pls share and tag someone who can help – a $10 donation to The Bridge Indonesia will buy a mattress and blanket for two people!

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Posted by Ian Ellis on Sunday, 21 January 2018