Mount Agung Relief


Mount Agung Relief
Village Evacuation Relief GoFundMe Project Launched

Yes. We have a Level 4 Volcano Eruption warning here in Bali
(as if we weren’t busy enough already)

The crisis fallout from this imminent potential eruption,
is the precautionary measure that the government has wisely taken,
by creating a 12km radius danger zone and forcing those villagers within that zone
…to be evacuated to safer areas of Bali into 100’s of Evacuation Camps….

Please take the time to read more info at our GoFundMe Launch Page

Below is a detailed breakdown of who is in the most danger, which groups need which services, and how we are attempting to manage the situation as a whole.

… along with these Evacuation Camps comes 2 extra groups:

(1) Those villagers that prefer not to be quarantined into an official camp and make their way to open fields, unoccupied rice fields, ‘friends of family’ vacant lots etc.
Camp Life is hard by most standards, and we cant get into a large discussion about the pros and cons.
They Are There, so now what are we gonna do about it?

Some Unofficial Camps are small, sets of families comprising 20 persons, 2 large tarps, a cooking tank, some plates, and some pillows, and a river to wash in.

Some Unofficial Camps are more complex

Disparate families tucked away into dozens of homes in the back room.
Literally – there is a 90person head-count in 1 village where families have come to wait out the eruption in groups of 4 or 6.
– so – Strategically organizing medical check-ups & assistance becomes a bit of an operational nightmare.

Thats where the Network communication between Community Groups really becomes important.

The 2nd Group are those persons venturing into both official and unofficial camps that are NOT from the Danger RED Zone.
* They are families both fearing for their safety, (as they feel their area should have been a Red Zone),
– and some are simply opportunistic, seeking out the free meals, free bedding & clothes etc, that are being distributed amongst the Evacuation Camps.
I can’t blame them AND
– it points to the unavoidable fact that Village Life in Bali is still a hard way of life.

They are not here because they have a Porche in a garage somewhere and are hiding their wealth.
They literally have been sleeping in a shack with a cardboard mattress, sell soup & dig ditches to make their ends meet,
— and someone said the camps are giving away free stuff…

My Personal Take-away from all this :
It all points to the hidden low levels of income that we don’t see unless we walk into the shacks of the families living in outlying villages. If it weren’t for the island-wide alert for the volcano eruption, these families would still be in a state of poverty.
I’m happy that their concerns & needs have been brought to light.

So lets do something to make the future of Bali a bit better.

Even a mattress can affect the quality of life and the amount of productivity
achieved by each of these families on a daily basis.

If you actually managed to finish reading all that – I’m impressed 🙂

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