Mom & Baby Package

Mom & Baby Package
Pregant Mothers-to-Be have very specific needs, same with New Mothers that are nursing and recovering.
The moms health and the baby’s health are preparing, growing and nurturing.
Reducing stressors for Mom & baby during an evacuation environment is essential.

New Mom Package & Pregnant Mom Package :
Donate $75

    Prenatal Vitamins (Blackmores Brand)
    Infant Formula
    Sanitary Napkins
    Baby soaps & Wet Naps
    Medical Lotion for Baby and Mom
    Baby Blanket

Donate $75

Pregnant women who are in their 3rd Trimester are also given the direct contact phone number for the Foundation “Buni Sehat” here in Bali – a well respected gentle birthing center managed by Mid-Wives and Doctors.