Family Package

3. – Family Package Reboot

    Basic Needs Package for Families in Crisis
    For Every 500K Rupiah – ($50 CDN) – we can provide
    – Food Staples
    – Extra bedding
    – Electricity & Propane
    – Medical Assessment and Assistance
    To help lift a family out of a negative cycle

A sick family member who is also the bread-winner affects a family deeply.
Perhaps economic changes or family events have interfered with their daily ability to make ends meet.

Donate $50

This is a KEY FACTOR to many villagers returning home after the most recent changes for the
Mount Agung Volcano Alerts, from a 4 to a 3.

Yep – about 40,000 people can all go back,

but the crops are dead, they sold their livestock, (maybe), he Village morning market is literally empty, no Doctors have returned yet, stores are closed or empty shelves. Garbage pick-up, water and electricity may not be in place.
– They’ve left a camp and returned to an abandoned village.