Blooming Joy Bali

There’s really two faces to Blooming Joy Bali, but each has the same key motive:
“To brighten the day of those in need”

The emotional and psychological impact of treatment, and being in the system waiting for treatment, cannot be over emphasized.
Villagers are ushered into the city with perhaps 1 family or friend to be by their side while they spend sometimes months undergoing treatments.
Blooming Joy Bali was orginally created by Dr. Gipsy as a way to re-purpose or “up-cycle” Wedding Flower Bouquets the day after a Balinese wedding reception.
With help from local Wedding Planners and Florists she was able to arrange delivery pick-up of the flowers and with help from the Team here at The Bridge, these previous wedding flowers cold find new life as personal Vase Bouquets for those families awaiting treatment.

This is very successful, the feedback and smiles on faces of the women, and men, and children who received personal flowers to show them that were careed for and not forgotten during this long process

Visiting Cancer House

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Visiting Patients near Hospital
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Visiting Kolewa Foundation Home
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Blooming Joy Bali – for Kids!

An extension of this is our Colouring and Activity Books for children, both waiting treatments, the children of families waiting treatments, and now more especially, the 1,000 of children sitting around bored and in their parents hair throughout the 100’s of evacuaction camps scattered around Bali under the ominous shadow of Mount Agung erupting at any minute.

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